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Say "so long" to second-guessing and excuses. Shift from stuck in the mud to flying forward. I'll show you how -- in just 9 weeks. 

If you are an entrepreneur or high-achiever and you've struggled professionally or personally, you will transform from frustrated to fulfilled with the Rapid Results 9-Week Program.

In this 9-week program, you will:

  • Sweep aside progress-killing thought patterns and feel more confident in your decisions, without second-guessing yourself 

  • Skyrocket your sales with greater ease and focus

  • Reframe the way you face challenges so that the small stuff doesn't get you down

  • Respond to sticky situations in a calm and relaxed way, without guilt or shame

  • Overcome procrastination and get more done

  • Be free to imagine more of yourself

  • Get excited about your future and all the possibilities

  • And more...

Rapid Results 9-Week Program

Where we help you regain your focus, both personally and professionally so that you can develop unshakeable confidence, overcome personal and professional hurdles, and finally get the results you've been waiting for so that in 2023, you will blast through your goals. 

Here's a rough outline of how we will deliver results:

Week 1: Introduction to how the subconscious mind works and set our intentions so that you get the most out of our group

Week 2: Identify the big problem that's been getting in your way. Identifying the real problem gets behind what’s causing the behavior or thought patterns that are holding you back so that you can shift the problem and move forward with clarity and focus.


Week 3: Breakthrough subconscious barriers through a very specific technique that will lay the foundation to help you transform your thought patterns.


Week 4: 4-Hour Rapid Results Group Session so that you can overcome what is holding you back for good. When we work with the root cause behind the behavior or unproductive thoughts, we are able to “rewire” the thoughts and create new neural pathways during this process. 

Week 5: New Action Accelerator. Create new focused actions instantly so that you can achieve your goals more easily and experience the success you have been looking for. Action-taking results happen immediately. 

Week 6: Results-focused Questions. Learn the power of how to turn on your subconscious mind to focus on your goals so that you can have more results in every area of your life. 

Week 7: Create a daily routine that will help you solidify the new neuropathways and continue the journey of re-programming your mind.

Week 8: Goal Setting. Now that we've removed the subconscious blocks, you are ready to take your goal-setting to a whole new level.

Week 9: Subconsciously Set Goals for your future and develop an action plan so that you will feel confident in achieving them and will have an exact plan for executing your plan.

Program Features:

  • Nine Total Weekly group sessions via zoom

  • One 4-Hour Rapid Result group session

  • Q & A Time at the end of each week's session

  • Access to recorded group sessions


Hi, I'm Kimberly and for nearly a decade, I've been studying neurolinguistics and behavior change.


Over 796 Hours of Training, 5 Expert Certifications, and 14 Top-Level Training in NLP (Neurolinguistic Programming) & Evolved NLP, from 3 different programs over the last 8 years.


This means that I have studied and extracted the best elements of a very complex process so that you can experience rapid results in as little as 4 hours - instead of months or even years.

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Investment: $1800
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