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Who's Your Wendy? 5 Key Steps to Mind-Blowing Results

Updated: Sep 14, 2022

Last week, I was working with one of my sales team clients on how to increase their sales by teaching them advanced techniques about influence and human behavior.

As I was setting up the meeting, someone new came into the room. His name was Ed and he had been with the company for several years and was now in charge of a different division of the company. He said he had heard about my coaching and wanted to sit in and check it out.

I was curious about what he had heard, so I asked, “what have you heard about me?”. He said something to the effect of, “you are like Wendy on Billions to our sales team”.

My first response was, “Wendy on what?”. And then it was further explained, that Wendy is a character on the Showtime series Billions. She is a psychiatrist that is now the resident “performance coach” for a hedge fund company.

Basically, she keeps their team performing at their best so that they can succeed. She teaches them about influence and human behavior. She is an important asset to the company.

While I may not come with all the drama of Hollywood Wendy, I do help high achievers get out of their own way, perform their best, and teach them techniques about human behavior and influence so that they can get the mind-blowing results they are looking for.

There are 5 key steps that have to take place so that you can have mind-blowing results.

1. Remove Hidden Barriers.

The first step, which is the missing piece in most training and programs that are out there, is to remove any hidden barriers that may be holding you back. These are the things that keep you inconsistent, give you roller coaster results, or why you may reach a goal and then slowly slip back into old behavior.

Experts are saying that 90% of our actions and behaviors are driven by our subconscious. So, until you get to the subconscious reason behind the problem or behavior, you will continue to struggle and get roller coaster results. To fix this at the subconscious level, you must identify the real problem, find out what caused it or where it first occurred, and then fix it, or “reframe” it so that it doesn’t keep happening.

To identify the real problem, you can start by asking yourself, “how is that a problem?”. Then keep drilling it down. This is how we make real change happen. We must go below the surface and fix it at a subconscious level.

2. High-Performing Action.

The next step is to get into high-performing action. Having the best mindset in the world doesn’t matter unless you can put it into action. Our subconscious minds are designed to keep us safe. That’s what it does. So taking new actions can sometimes be difficult and we delay, find excuses, or wait until we have convinced ourselves that the time is right.

One of the awesome things about our brains is that it doesn’t know the difference between what is real and what is imagined. When done correctly, you can trigger your subconscious and actively imagine yourself taking the action or doing the behavior that will get you to the next level in your business. By doing this, you are “tricking” your subconscious into thinking that it’s already done the behavior and this means that it will no longer resist.

3. Unstoppable Focus.

In order to stay focused on your higher-level sales goals, you will need several strategies and new habits in place in order to maintain your focus. This involves making sure your subconscious values are in alignment with your conscious goals and identifying and reframing anything that is not in alignment.

Another piece of focus is knowing how to effectively activate the focus part of your brain, called the reticular activating system, or RAS. This is the part of your brain that once aware, will help you see opportunities.

For example, when my husband bought his new truck, a Tacoma, I’m not sure that I ever really noticed Tacoma’s on the road. Now, that we have one, I see them everywhere. My reticular activating system has been turned on to Tacoma’s.

You can strategically do the same for your business goals, the key is to do it with intention, and to make sure you are looking and focusing on solutions.

4. Mastering the Sales Process.

Have you ever run across a salesperson or maybe someone in networking that rubbed you the wrong way? They didn’t even have to say anything or much of anything, yet you felt this compelling feeling of distrust or dislike?

This is because 70% of communication is non-verbal. There is a science behind that communication. When we meet someone new, we have 5 seconds. Yes, 5 seconds for them to make a judgment call on whether they like us or not.

You can’t say much in 5 seconds, so knowing the science behind the non-verbal ways to communicate are key. There are 3 main parts to pay attention to, and there are advanced lessons in each area, but basically, it boils down to:

  • Physiology - Breathing, posture, gestures, facial expressions, and rate of movements.

  • Tonality - Voice, inflection, tone, speed, quality, and loudness

  • Words - Primary communication language, keywords, common experiences and associations, and content chunks

In order to have confident and productive conversations, increasing your knowledge of the non-verbal part of communication can greatly improve your ability to close a sale and increase your bottom line.

Learning these strategies and implementing them through your entire sales process can lead to mind-blowing results when it comes to your business.

5. Reaching Goals You Never Thought Possible.

The last step is having a Wendy. The person that can help identify the things that might be stopping you or slowing you down. The person that can not only hold you accountable but also help you get out of your own way and perform at your very best.

Ideally, your Wendy will be someone who knows the science of human behavior, and how the subconscious mind works so that you will have results that last and achieve what you never thought possible.

Do you have a Wendy?

To Your TOTAL Success,


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