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Don’t Do This UNLESS You Want to Procrastinate More

Fall is here, it’s my favorite time of year.

The mornings are cold and crisp, flannel sheets are on the bed, and it feels GOOD to sleep in.

The problem with this is that when my alarm goes off, I am tempted (and sometimes guilty) of hitting the snooze button.

This may seem like a fairly innocent thing, but subconsciously, I am PROGRAMMING myself to procrastinate.

Clearly, this is NOT what I wanted to do.

Every day we have choices in the behavior that we do.

We teach ourselves to either to take action or to procrastinate.

These things happen throughout our day, and most of the time we are not even aware we are doing it.

We program ourselves through our actions, behaviors, and our language or self-talk.

With simple, small changes, we can begin to change the way we think about ourselves and our habits.

We can be intentional about how we are programming ourselves.

"Our subconscious mind is like a 5-year-old living in your head. It takes everything personally, and literally. It needs repetition, but sometimes we are repetitive in things that we don’t want, like hitting the snooze button. "

Tips to overcome this problem:

✔️Take an inventory of your behavior for a day. What areas do you find yourself putting things off?

✔️If you find yourself putting things off in something that is consciously a goal or area that you would like to have more success in, ask yourself what is the purpose behind this problem. There may be (and likely is) a deeper reason behind it.

✔️Be aware of guilt and the creation of more guilt with your language. 👇👇👇

Simple language changes can help change the guilt cycle. Instead of saying I “need to” or “should” get something done, say I want to instead. Should and need to create more feelings of guilt. “I want to” gives you back control over your behavior. 💪

If you feel that your problem is deeper than hitting snooze, and you want to go from confusion to clarity, frustrated to fulfilled, and stuck to unstoppable, I’d love to help. Let’s have a conversation to see if it’s the solution you’ve been looking for to get you unstuck. Schedule a FREE Discovery session here.

To your TOTAL success,


When you are ready, here are a few more ways I can help you overcome what's holding you back:

1. You can check out my podcast: Mind for Success. This podcast is for high-level business professionals, leaders, and entrepreneurs who want to break through barriers and have massive success in their businesses. I interview other business professionals, leaders, and entrepreneurs who share their success stories with you.

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During this complimentary session, we will:

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  • Discuss what we can do to fix it so that it doesn't keep happening


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