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My Cousin Vinny and Why The Dirty Window Matters to Your Success

Updated: Nov 9, 2022

Occasionally on the weekends, especially on rainy days, we like to enjoy an old movie or two. One of my all-time favorites is My Cousin Vinny.

There are MANY hilarious scenes, but this one, in particular, stood out to me. It’s the scene where one of the witnesses that claimed to have seen the defendants committing the crime, had to look through a dirty window, a cruddy screen, trees, leaves on the trees, and last but not least, 7 bushes.

Vinny points out all the things that were in the way of the defendant's vision, and also pointed out that maybe, because of the window, the screen, the trees, the leaves, and the 7 bushes, that maybe it was possible that he wasn’t seeing things as clearly as he thought.

His vision was blurred by the dirty screen and the obstacles in the way.

Our subconscious mind can be the same way. Every second of the day, we have billions of pieces of information that are entering our brains that come into our field of perception in the form of sound, smell, sight, taste, and what we feel.

These stimuli then go through an internal filter, or “window” if you will. The window is made up of our values, beliefs, decisions, culture, attitudes, and meta-programs (more on that later).

This window is formed well before the age of 7, and over time, gets “dirty” by our unique experiences.

We then store these experiences, both good and bad, and it acts like a window.

When the information comes in through our field of perception, we take it through this “window filter” and then we delete, distort, and generalize information to make it fit our world or, more specifically, our “window of the world”.

This is where I see success-driven entrepreneurs miss the mark. They are high-achievers, but they are missing opportunities and making decisions because of the dirty windows of the past.

Many times the dirt has been there so long, that they don’t even realize it’s there.

Or, sometimes it’s been there so long that they don’t have any idea where to start in cleaning it up.

Once the window is clean, you respond differently, you make better decisions that are more aligned with your goals, and opportunities to grow your business suddenly appear.

You are literally starting with a clean slate (or window). :)

But just like the guy in the movie, until the window is clean, you’re not seeing the full picture and are likely stuck in behaviors and unproductive thoughts.

Your perception is blurred. You can’t possibly see all the possibilities because you are too busy squinting to see through the dirt of the window.

The key is to clean the windows, which is exactly what my 4-hour Results program is designed to do.

We go straight to the core reason for the behaviors and decisions you are making. We clean the windows so that you can see clearly, respond differently, and make better decisions.

When you clean the windows up at this level, you don’t have to “try” to do better, it happens easily and naturally.

If this resonates with you, reply with an email and I’ll respond back with a link to schedule a call to see if this would be a great solution for you.

To your TOTAL Success,


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