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Lessons from Road Trips and Hitting Curbs: How to Get Back on Track with Your Goals

Last weekend, we were on the way to my in-law's house to spend the day hanging out at their pool. It was a nice, hot, St Louis day and the weather was perfect for a pool day.

On the way there, my husband Mark noticed how my car kept veering to the right. Driving down the highway he would let his hands off the wheel just for a second and noticed that it would veer to the right.

Yep, something is definitely out of alignment.

Did you hit a curb? he asked.

My reply, maybe…

Was it the curb, was it the long car trip to Colorado, was it just normal day-to-day driving that caused the problem?

It’s likely that the combination of road trips, hitting curbs, and other driving mishaps have led to the problem of the car veering to the right.

The stresses of the road and life say that it’s time for a realignment.

When was the last time you gave your mindset a realignment?

The subconscious mind is the same as my car. Sometimes long road trips or life journeys and occasional curb hitting can cause us to veer to the right or left.

We have big goals, but we get stuck, and veer off to the right or left.

We get frustrated, and can’t understand why we aren’t moving forward at the pace that we wanted to.

Most of the time we keep “driving” without even noticing the difference and how it slows down our progress.

It takes someone else coming in to really be able to see the problem for what it really is so that we can get back on track with our goals.

Being out of alignment with our goals can really slow us down from succeeding in our businesses and in life.

That curb that you forgot you hit, or that big journey that you went on that was an unpleasant time in your life is causing you to veer to the left or right. It is slowing you down.

Just like a car, there is a process that has to take place in order for you to be aligned with your goals again.

Quite honestly, if it weren’t for my husband Noticing the car veering to the right, I probably would have kept driving around with the misalignment.

I am not a car expert, but I would imagine this affects your gas mileage and many other things that affect the efficiency of the car. The same is true for your subconscious mind. When you are out of alignment things don’t go as quickly.

Want to know how to resolve this issue?

Get to the core problem.

One of the main reasons we struggle with achieving our goals is because what we want consciously doesn’t align with our values at the subconscious level.

We are subconsciously making decisions based on the curb we hit or the road trip we were on without even realizing it.

Our behaviors are being driven by that curb we hit a while back and it

s l o w s u s d o w n…

We are veering to the left or right and we’ve gotten so used to the behavior that we just accept it.

Or, we use more effort to keep the wheel straight and from veering off.

This requires a LOT of energy.

Energy that could be spent on…

  • Reaching your goals

  • Seeing the opportunities that are right in front of you

  • Having the life you want…

So I will ask you when was the last time you had an alignment?

Does this resonate with you? If you are ready to get unstuck and re-align your goals, let’s set up a call. During this complimentary call we will:

  • Identify what your specific needs are

  • Identify what problem or area you want to focus on

  • Discuss what we can do to fix it so that it doesn't keep happening

Reply to this email or go directly to my calendar here.

To Your Total Success,


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