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Lessons from a Lottery Winner: How Our Subconscious Mind Resists Change

Recently, I was at a networking meeting and the speaker handed out lottery tickets as a gift to all who attended. It was fun and my friend won $5!!!

$5 is not much to get excited about, but nonetheless, it was a win.

This whole conversation sparked some curiosity in me, so I googled, "how many lottery winners go broke", and this is what I found from an article on

"Analysis from the US shows that lottery winners are much more likely than the general population to declare bankruptcy within five years of winning a prize. Some study suggests that up to 70 percent of lottery winners will declare bankruptcy within three to five years."

Woah! Why is that? Their dream came true and then they squandered it all away!

The BIG question is Why?

Why on earth would someone consciously make decisions that would lead them into bankruptcy?

This leads me to my next point, as it applies to our business.

Why Our Subconscious Mind Resists Change When Breaking Through to Higher Levels (even if it involves winning the lottery).

When we up-level our business, hit higher-level goals, or begin leading a team, it is just as important to up-level our subconscious mind.

Our subconscious is designed to keep us safe and comfortable, and so it will often try to hold us back from making changes that could lead to discomfort or danger.

This can manifest itself in feelings of insecurity or self-doubt even after we've reached higher levels of success, and can sometimes lead to falling back into old habits and behaviors.

With the lottery winners, the subconscious mind is resisting the change, it's incongruent, maybe it doesn't believe that it deserves it.

The same is true when we up-level our businesses.

The subconscious is holding on to the old you, while the conscious mind is trying to create the new you.

The key to success is bringing these two parts of yourself into alignment so that you can move forward with confidence and certainty.

The BEST and FASTEST way to align the subconscious and conscious mind are:

✅Discover the REAL problem. You can't fix a problem you are not aware of.

✅Find out what caused it, or where it first occurred. Getting to the root makes sure that it doesn't keep happening.

✅Fix it or reframe it. What did you learn from the experience that you can take with you into your future?

When your conscious and subconscious are aligned, you get:

🚀Consistent results

🚀Hit goals faster and more easily

🚀Have such clarity that you can easily say no to anything that doesn't align with your goals

And, if you are a lottery winner, you get to hold onto your millions.​​

To your TOTAL success,


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