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How to Transform your Health with the Power of your Language

Updated: Oct 26, 2021

Are you a yo-yo dieter?

Do you struggle to stay consistent with exercise?

Do you self sabotage when it comes to your health?

Recently, I had the pleasure of being featured on Dr. Dave Candy's podcast and we discussed why you may be sabotaging your health. We talked about why it's important to get to the root cause so that you can have lasting results.

Your thoughts and language you use have the power to completely transform your behavior. Listen below to here the full interview.

To your TOTAL empowerment,


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Kimberly Lebbing has been helping people get out of their own way since 2011 first as a Health Coach. She later recognized the importance of neuroscience and its impact on Health so she shifted her practice to helping people shift their mindset through her NLP coaching programs. Her certifications include:

  • Certified Neuro-Linguistic Programming Master Coach

  • Certified Master Practitioner of Integrated Time Line

  • Certified Trainer of Neuro-Linguistic Programming


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