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From Stuck and Overwhelmed to Clear Decision Making and Action

Are you struggling to hit your next goal?

Do you have personal struggles that are affecting your ability to perform your best?

Meet Shannon. Shannon came to me because she wanted to bring her business to a new level. She had some personal things going on and knew it was affecting her business and her ability to reach her goals and get to the next level.

She recognized that if she got help with this very important piece, it would accelerate her. Shannon is amazing at what she does, she has a large client base and was ready to up level to the next stage of her business, and for her, it was hiring a team.

She knew what to do, but something was stopping her. She felt distracted and unclear about reaching her goals. She had some self-doubt going on. She knew that if she wanted to get to the next level quickly, she would have to do something different.

With subconscious work, some changes happen immediately. For others, it happens over time, and a lot of times, it’s a combination of both.

Client Interview

How my client Shannon (a professional organizer) went from being stuck and overwhelmed to immediately experiencing clear decision making, a sense of calm, and fast business growth:

In this interview, she shares her previous struggles with divorce, how it affected her business, and how she experienced immediate results after one session. She is already looking to hire employees, and it’s only been 30 days!

Shannon is excellent at what she does and only needed to overcome some internal obstacles to help her move forward in her personal life and business.

Shannon is the owner/founder of Life Synchronized and helps people move stress-free. She helps and organizes estate cleanouts and basic home organizing.

How I Get Rapid Results

I’ve spent years and thousands of dollars in training and learning how the subconscious mind works and have become very good at identifying the things that hold people back from the success that they desire. I’ve trained directly under 3 different Neuro-Linguistic experts, and have taken the best of what I’ve learned and compiled it into a very efficient process.

There are 3 key steps that have to take place in order to change this internal “programming”. Through my extensive training, I’ve been able to extract the most important pieces in behavior change and have put it into a very unique and fast process where we:

  • Identify the problem.

  • Find out what caused the problem or where it first occurred.

  • Fix the problem so that it doesn’t keep happening.

My process has become so efficient that many times I am able to go through the entire process of identifying the problem, finding out what caused it, and fixing it in under 4 hours. I’ve seen client after client able to move on from behavior that was stopping them from being successful through this unique process and then go on to experience better, fuller relationships, be able to reach goals more easily without the mental obstacles that hold people back, and overcome being stuck in a behavior that they have done their entire life.

Do you have a problem that's been holding back your success? If you are ready to take action and get rid of that problem once and for all, let's chat! Here is a link to my calendar.

For more education and training on having even more success in your sales team, here are a few ways:

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