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Are you wasting time and money on the wrong programs when Investing in Your Success?

Do you find yourself going from program to program to find the “secret” to reaching the success you want in your business?

Maybe you’ve read a book or gone to a seminar, and it works initially, but gradually, you slip back into your old habits or it just isn’t enough to get you to the level that you want.

Being stuck can affect many things, it’s all connected. Our personal life affects our business, and our business affects our personal life.

Today, I will share some common mistakes business owners and entrepreneurs make when investing in personal growth, especially when seeking lasting change.

Don’t get me wrong, doing these things is good; however, if you rely on them to fix a deeper problem, you will continue to struggle and waste precious time and money.

I know this from personal experience. For years, to fix my problem, I went to seminars, downloaded programs that promised to fix this or that, read books, and spent thousands of dollars and many hours on things that ended up not fixing the problem at a subconscious level.

The exciting thing is that after you fix a problem at the core level, you will find it much easier to implement the things that you learn in books, seminars, and other programs.

1. Motivational Seminars and Webinars

These are great, but they are usually surface-level fixes, not getting to the core problem of why we aren't achieving greater success and reaching higher levels. This is why we will see success with these programs for a short time but then gradually slip back into the subconscious programs that are playing that keep us from reaching higher levels of success.

One of the reasons business owners and entrepreneurs buy into these things is because they are confused on whether they have a strategy problem or a mindset issue. They tend to try and fix things by investing time and money into different strategies, but the best strategy in the world will not work if your mindset is the problem.

Here’s how to tell the difference: If you don’t know what to do, or you are doing what you know to do and it’s not working, it’s strategy. If you aren’t doing what you know to do or making excuses to not do what you should, then it’s a mindset problem.

2. New Systems & Strategies

Another mistake that business owners and entrepreneurs make is knowing what you need, and when. While new systems and strategies are very important to help us with our efficiency, investing in these things before you have the right mindset to up-level your success can be frustrating and slow down your progress with the new strategy or system.

Think of it this way, you follow you. Have you ever known someone who goes from relationship to relationship, but keeps getting involved with the same type of person? This is because subconsciously, nothing has changed and they will keep making the same mistake over and over again until they learn the lesson. The same is true for those new systems and strategies. Until you fix the core problem of what is holding you back, you will continue to struggle.

3. Affirmations.

Affirmations can help us change our mindset, redirect our thoughts, and enable us to move forward in whatever we're looking to do. However, there is a right way to do them, and there is a wrong way. As much as they can be helpful, if there is a deeper underlying problem, they won’t solve it.

I know this all too well as I experienced it myself. Was it helpful? Yes, but it felt like a band-aid fix and didn’t solve my problem of being stuck and getting to that next level of success. I wanted to get to higher levels in my business, but affirmations weren’t going to get me there.

Another deeper problem with affirmations is that if negative emotions are running, that is causing the behavior that we don’t want; it can feel like we are beating our subconscious mind up if we don’t believe that the affirmation is true or possible. Simply saying it repeatedly can work against our success when there is a deeper underlying problem.

If you are ready to invest in yourself and have more success in your business or relationships, let's have a conversation to find out if this is right for you. Here is a link to my calendar: 45 Minute Discovery Session.

During this complementary session, we will:

  • Identify what your specific needs are

  • Identify what problem or area you want to focus on

  • Discuss what we can do to fix it so that it doesn't keep happening

To your TOTAL success,


Kim Lebbing is a Success and Mindset Coach with 10 years of experience in the coaching industry, Kim has a proven track record of getting massive results for her clients. She is an NLP Master Coach and Trainer, and has aligned with 3 different schools for her NLP Certifications over the last 8 years.

Kim has created a unique 4 Hour Process that rapidly shifts minds to ignite the fire and motivation that will help you take massive action to reach your highest goals without time consuming seminars, trainings, and programs. She gets to the root of the problem and fixes it, so that you can have rapid results and can move your business forward.


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