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10 Key Reasons Why Some People are Successful and Others Are Not

There is a big difference between successful people and people who struggle to reach their goals. In fact, the top 20% of salespeople earn 80% of the money made and this is no accident. As they say, success leaves clues.

Success is a mindset, it’s a presence, it is a type of energy. It is a solution-based, problem-solving type of thinking.

Reason # 1: Successful people make decisions quickly.

They don’t have to take time to think about decisions. They are confident and decisive. So many times I hear business owners that know they need something that will help them or their business move forward, yet they get stuck in overthinking whatever it is they need. Many times, this is a sign of a deeper issue of trust or lack of confidence.

Reason # 2: They don’t wait for better timing, they find a way to make it happen.

Timing is everything, but waiting for a better time is not what successful people do. They don’t try and figure out the “how” when making decisions. They act now, and they know that the “how” will come. They trust and have the confidence to know that they will find a way to make it happen. This does not delay their decision-making.

Reason # 3: They don’t slow down because of the holidays. They keep going.

Not only do they keep the momentum going, but they are not affected by “perceived” slow times of the year. They know that results from their efforts will come. I’ve personally had some of my best months around the holidays. Yes, I take time off to spend with my family, but I don’t use the holidays as an excuse to not spend time in my business and keep my momentum going. This too is a mindset, if you think you will be slow, or people are too busy, that is exactly what you will get. Successful people don’t let a 1 or 2 day holiday affect their entire month’s activity.

Reason # 4: They know where they are headed.

When we are clear on what we want and where we are headed, it makes it easier to be more decisive. We are able to know what to say yes to, and more importantly, what to say no to. Successful people don’t commit to things that don’t align with their vision.

Lack of clear vision can also be a result of a subconscious behavior that isn’t serving us. When we are stuck in a perceived problem, our vision is clouded. Having a clear vision is key to any successful person.

Reason # 5: They set goals.

Goals help motivate us to stay consistent, engage in new strategies, and look for solutions. Imagine for a moment you were taking your family on vacation, nowhere, in particular, just vacation. You would have no idea when you arrived, how long it would take you to get there, or what you would do when you got to wherever “there” is?

The idea of this seems ridiculous, yet there are business owners and entrepreneurs who don’t set goals or don’t review and reset them on a regular basis. They may write them down and never look at them again. How will they know when they got “there”? What outcome are they looking to achieve?

Reason # 6: They understand that investing in their business or personal growth buys speed.

Successful people started at the beginning, just like everyone else. The difference is that

they recognize what areas in themselves or their business needs growth, and they invest in the help that they need to get them there. They understand that when they get the help they need, it speeds up their success.

They don’t think of these things as a cost, it is an investment. They are able to evaluate the cost of NOT getting the help they need. They think long term, and know that every investment they make in their business or personal growth will give them a return, even the not-so-good programs end up teaching us lessons about what programs to invest in and when. There is always something we can learn and take with us.

Reason # 7: They are solution-minded. They don’t make excuses.

Complaining or excuses do not help us, they hurt our success. It may give us the illusion of feeling better, but in reality, misery loves company and even more excuses will show up. Excuses keep us from looking for solutions, they keep us stuck.

When we complain or give excuses, it gives other people and situations power over us. It puts us in a place to attract more negativity and problems because that is what we are focused on.

Successful people take responsibility for their successes and their failures. In fact, they learn from the failures which allow them to move forward rapidly. Some of my biggest successes have come from learning from my biggest failures. The key is not to stay there.

Reason # 8: They think bigger.

Thinking bigger is both an art and a process. It comes in stages. At each new level of success, there is a new level of thinking bigger. Expanding our thinking and dreaming about what might be possible, and acknowledging the fact that there may be some things that we don’t know that we don’t know.

With each new level, there is a new awareness of what’s possible in our life and our business. Successful people look for ways to think bigger.

Reason # 9: They have unwavering confidence.

Confidence and success go hand in hand. The more confident we are about who we are, what we are doing, and what our goals are the more successful we will be. Our potential clients and customers pick up on this confidence and achieving success and goals become easy.

However, when life throws us curve balls with relationships or business, it affects our confidence. We sometimes internalize these things and then it affects our decisions, behaviors, and our perception. We then start second-guessing our abilities and our goals. Confidence is key to a successful business.

Reason # 10: They understand momentum

Momentum keeps us excited and consistent in our goals. When we have momentum, success is inevitable. Successful people not only understand this, but they know that momentum is what drives them to their next level of success.

According to John C. Maxwell, “momentum solves 80% of your problems”, and I believe this is true. It’s really quite simple, when we continue to take action, we move forward. When we stop, we become stuck or stagnant.

Sometimes the lack of momentum is due to a confidence problem, lack of trust, or fear of reaching higher levels. When we see these kinds of things show up, it is a sign that we need help in moving forward.

I hope you enjoyed this article on why some people are successful and others are not. If you are success-minded and haven’t been able to reach your next level of success and want help getting there rapidly, check out: How I Helped a Business Owner go from Zero Business to Over $1 Million

To your TOTAL success,


Kim Lebbing is a Success and Mindset Coach with 10 years of experience in the coaching industry, Kim has a proven track record of getting massive results for her clients. She is an NLP Master Coach and Trainer and has aligned with 3 different schools for her NLP Certifications over the last 8 years.

Kim has created a unique 4 Hour Process that rapidly shifts minds to ignite the fire and motivation that will help you take massive action to reach your highest goals without time-consuming seminars, training, and programs. She gets to the root of the problem and fixes it so that you can have rapid results and can move your business forward.


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