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Every person is unique, so the plan that’s best for them should be tailored to their specific needs. I believe in treating the whole person. Mind, Body, and Soul. Through my trans-formative work, my clients see not only positive physical changes, but positive mindset shifts as well that impact life, health, relationships and finances. I believe in bio-individuality which means we are all uniquely made and have different needs. Together we will develop your unique plan and explore what truly works for you.

Why Work With ME

Because when we started our health journey, I had no help. I was a tired, frustrated mom who was dealing with my own health issues. I had seizures, skin issues, anxiety, depression, major brain fog and gut issues too. When my daughter was diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome, mama bear decided that it was time to do something... Despite being told by our neurologist that diet changes wouldn't matter. 

Luckily, I didn't listen. 

What I didn't realize, was that the entire family needed a health overhaul. My son's temper tantrums were off the charts and my oldest daughter was behind in reading because of her dyslexia and ADHD. I was completely overwhelmed. I decided at the advice of our doctor to focus on healing the gut. The problem was the specifics of the diet were strict and hard to follow. Again I found myself intimidated by the task.


Did I mention that I was determined?

I ended up simplifying what we were doing so that it saved time and got us results. I knew I could stick to it if it was easier to implement and I was encouraged by our results. My son’s behavior improved almost immediately, and over time all of my kids began to thrive again. My depression and anxiety went away. I had more energy and started to look and feel better than I ever had before. 


So how did I end up coaching others?

My journey wasn't an easy one, but one day our doctor asked if I would start teaching her other patients what we did and how we did it. I put together my first class and it sold out in 3 days. I put together another one and it sold out as well. I later decided to complete my mission to help others by becoming a certified health coach and became know as a gut health expert. I quickly realized that mindset was an important piece to the puzzle and became certified in Neurolinguistic Programing.

I believe we were put on this earth to help and encourage others.

We can use our experiences to help others. There is no one-size-fits-all diet that heals everyone, but gut health is at the very core to improve your health, have more energy, and feel amazing! 


Are you ready to get started?

Kimberly Lebbing, NLP Master Coach & Trainer, Certified Master Practitioner of Timeline Therapy, Certified Health Coach,

Wife, and Mom

As your Coach - I’ll work with you to clear a realistic, attainable path to reach your goals.


I treat all my clients with care and compassion. We not only work on physical changes, but I also help you make the necessary mindset shifts for lasting change. Understanding the mind-body connection can make all the difference!

I’m continually learning and growing through practical experience and continuing education. I want to make sure I remain the most educated, knowledgeable coach you could ever ask for!

One on One Coaching

I'm here to help guide you on your journey. Whether you are feeling stuck or dealing with procrastination, I can help you blast through the things that are holding you back so that you can accomplish your dreams. We are all on different journeys and coming from different places. My programs are customized to fit YOUR needs. Let's hop on the phone to find out if we are a good match!

Bio Communication Scans

We partner with you to get the answers you've been seeking to desperately end the health frustrations and dead ends, so that you can get back to doing the things you love most and living the life you want. Partnered with my NLP coaching, you will also have the mindset you need to reach your health goals. After running a test of 482 foods, I devise a customized plan specific to your needs based on the information gathered. We achieve results using all natural practices, supplements, and methods.


Restore your Digestion & Banish Bloat FOREVER. EAT SIMPLE & CLEAN with my 8 week Restore your Gut program. This 8 week program teaches you how to eat foods that are healthy and delicious but that also SERVE your body. You’ll learn food combining, detox strategies, and how to incorporate gut-friendly foods into your daily routine. 

Here's How I Can Help

Through my programs and coaching, I provide you with the support to discover the perfect plan for restoration.


“When I started coaching with Kim I wanted to relieve the ongoing pains in my body. Kim helped me reach this goal by teaching me how to make healthier choices by removing added chemicals found in the foods I was eating. The biggest change I’ve noticed is that my clothes, especially pants fit a lot better and I have less aches and pains. Kimberly’s support was positive, upbeat, encouraging and patient. I would recommend this program to my family, sisters, brothers and friends and anyone looking to reduce the amount of medicine they may be taking and substituting it with natural alternatives. Kim, thank you for all you've done! ~ Tracy K

“When I started working with Kim, I had made some changes with how I was eating but needed her guidance and knowledge to get organized, add more gut healing foods and to improve my mindset.
Kim has helped me to stay organized with my goals and set priorities and stick with them. She has helped me with my mindset by reminding me that negative self talk affects my overall health. I am able to face life’s challenges with a calm, positive outlook.
I have been able to maintain my weight for the longest time of my entire life. This has been the most powerful thing for me because I know that what I am doing is working for me. I am very thankful for Kim and all she has done for me.
The most significant overall change I have noticed has been my mindset. I have a more positive attitude concerning myself. She has encouraged me to take time for myself and that is something that I didn’t do enough. I am less stressed at work and at home.
I would describe Kimberly’s support as impactful. She meets each client where they are without judgement and teaches them to make simple changes that will make big differences. She is supportive every step of the way!
I would recommend this program to anyone wishing to improve their health. Most people don’t realize the power of the gut and Kim teaches in a way that is not intimidating. I have recommended Kim to others and I feel very good knowing that someone else can benefit from all Kim has to offer.” ~ Nikki W

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NLP Master Coach & Trainer

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Certified Health Coach

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