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12 Month Unlimited Coaching

Finally! 12 Month Unlimited Coaching!


You're having trouble taking your coaching business online.


You’re struggling to find new clients and create predictable revenue.


The tech required is confusing and overwhelming.


You realize that if you don’t turn things around soon, you’ll end up exactly where you are now... stuck.






When I transitioned into online coaching, I wasted so much time and money trying to find the right training to show me how to create a profitable online business.


15 years of coaching experience as a life coach, fitness coach, and business coach made me think this would be a piece of cake.


It wasn’t.


I hustled like never before and hired my fair share of what I call "amateur experts." You know the type. Promise you the moon and deliver a garbage product.


At first, I had no idea what I was doing.


That was just over a year ago.






Since then, I’ve relentlessly worked on creating a way for other people to duplicate my system so you don't have to go through the same headache.


I ended up developing a completely new client-acquisition system which brought my business to a whole new level.


I know this is different from everything else out there because I created it by myself, from scratch. Then tested it in the trenches.


I removed all the garbage from the lousy coaches I hired, and kept all the best stuff from the good ones.


Plus I added my own personal touch based on the leverage points that move the needle most.


I designed it specifically for coaches looking to:


  • Position themselves as true experts and attract the right clients

  • Design a rock solid coaching program and rise above the session by session approach

  • Fill their calendar with a consistent flow of perfectly qualified clients

  • Learn all the skills required to thrive in the digital realm


Up until now, the only way to get access to this system was to work directly with me, through my private coaching program.


That being said, I’ve decided to finally make this system available to everyone, even if private coaching isn't within your reach.


I put together a short training on How to Launch Your Online Coaching Business so you can put together an irresistible offer and start getting new clients right now.


It's the same system I used to predictably create 4 to 5 new coaching clients every single month during my first year of online coaching.



So here’s the deal:


12 Month Laser Coaching is for women who want accountability and results in their business. They want to create a positive mindset and habits that will move them forward in life and their business.


Unlimited Coaching for 12 months

15 Minute Sessions


Mindset Coaching

Communication Mastery

Daily Habits

Motivation and Inspiration

Get out of your comfort zone

Improve relationships

Tools and knowledge

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